Pt Mouillee birds

Steve Santner santners at
Sun Jul 6 17:40:49 EDT 2003

    I did Pt Mouillee this morning.  I found the Common Eider sitting in 
the far southwestern corner of cell 4 where the boats had pushed it.  It 
was with some scaup (mostly Lesser but at least one Greater). There were 
3 adult Black-necked Stilts (2 males and one female).  The males 
(especially one) were being extremely aggressive - driving off anything 
which came near, including an entire flock of 1 Greater and about 10 
Lesser Yellowlegs. I didn't see any chicks though.  There were 3 
Yellow-headed Blackbirds in the Vermet Unit.  They were along the 
channel on the east side of the unit, seen from the spot where the 
Common Eider was viewed.  Finally, I heard two Least Bitterns, neither 
one of which would come out and be seen.  One was along the trail 
leading in from the creek parking area, on the left side as I was coming 
iin, just before reaching the shed.  The other was heard from the spot 
where the eider and the blackbirds were.  It was close to where the 
blackbirds were along the channel.

    Steve Santner

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