Whooping Crane with Sandhills

Jane Ratner jane.ratner at gmail.com
Mon Nov 3 21:29:39 EST 2008

Yesterday Brian A. reported seeing a Whooping Crane with a group of
Sandhills near Prairie View County Park south of Portage.

This afternoon, about 2:00, I drove to the area and found the same flock
flying over a field located at the NW corner of Portage Road and E V
Avenue.  The sun was shining on the low-flying flock and the whooper was
unmistakable.  What a sight!

Later the flock landed in a field on the south side of W Drive, about 1/2
mile east of the W Drive intersection with Portage Road.

This month we are routinely seeing hundreds -- if not thousands -- of
sandhills in the fields around Olivet and Bellevue.

Jane Ratner
Battle Creek
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