Long-tailed Ducks Lake Michigan Muskegon Co Jan 16

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Long-tailed ducks continue to be seen offshore (scope needed) in Lake
Michigan from Muskegon State Park (Scenic Dr. Campground deck overlooking
beach/lake). January 16, Monday afternoon, 1500+ were seen. An adult bald
eagle flew north offshore causing the LTs and the 100 C Golden Eyes that
were closer to shore to lift off, but they soon landed again. The eagle
continued on north towards Whitehall.

Three bald eagles were seen a half hour later at Duck Lake, two immatures
and one adult. The adult and one immature disappeared within 15 minutes, but
the immature which had been sitting on the ice when I arrived remained in
the area and soared over the lake for the 45 minutes I was there. This
immature had considerable areas of white- the upper back and belly largely
white with brown mottling, axillaries and underwing coverts were white; a
diagonal dark bar along the first row of lesser coverts and inner portion of
greater coverts outlined a diagonal white bar on the medium coverts as
illustrated in Wheeler (2003).

Carolyn Weng
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