AR-News: (LA - US) Another police shooting of dog

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Tue Jul 6 11:12:26 EDT 2004

July 5, 2004
Reported by Danner Evans

Chris Parker noticed his two dogs were missing from his Vinton home--which led to a 5 hour search for the boxers. But Parker never saw his boxer, Tyson alive again. He says, "My wife was pulled over by the Vinton Police Department and they informed her they had shot our dog."

Parker says the officers told him animal control had gotten a call about dogs wandering in the neighborhood and officers with the two agencies had tried to trap Tyson with no success. The officers said the dog was aggressive and they had no other choice but to shoot him. 

However, eyewitnesses, paint a different story. Anne McGrath says, "I was working next door, on my lunch break. I was sitting outside and I saw the dogs playing." McGrath says she didn't see an aggressive dog, rather, an act of animal cruelty on the part of Vinton Police officers, "He started barking, like dogs do--not growling or snarling, just a constant steady bark. The man had his gun out and he was walking around, looking at it from different angles and he decided I guess to take it down. He shot, the dog screamed and spun around and then he shot it again." 

At least one other witnesses has filed a report with the Vinton PD about what they saw--and neither report indicates the dog was aggressive. That leaves Parker questioning exactly what the town's animal control policy is, "Seems like there aren't any, they just kill them apparently. I think everything needs to change...they need to start over."

7-News contacted Vinton Mayor David Riggins. He says he is gathering information right now and the city attorney is also looking into the incident. Riggins says he will handle the situation. 

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