AR-News: (US-il) Some zoos say elephants aren't fit for captivity Zoo elephants may need more room to roam

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Tue Jul 6 07:14:38 EDT 2004

[opinion from Chicago Sun Times]

Is it time for the Lincoln Park Zoo to forget elephants?

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals thinks so. "Life in
captivity is harmful for elephants -- for their psychological and
physical well being," said PETA elephant specialist Nicole Meyer.

What do you expect from PETA, right? But other zoos are taking the same

"It's becoming clear that the disparity between what elephants need and
what they get in captivity is quite significant," said Ron Kagan,
director of the Detroit Zoo, which is dropping its elephant exhibit.

The San Francisco Zoo is closing its elephant exhibit, too.

The debates -- with lovers of animals on both sides -- will go on a
while. But at least there is this: Once the elephant matter is settled,
one way or another, the zoos can rest easier.

"Well, there are some similar challenges," said Kagan of the Detroit
Zoo. "The same case can be made for dolphins and killer whales."

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Some zoos say elephants aren't fit for captivity Zoo elephants may need
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