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Tue Jul 6 07:14:28 EDT 2004

[from Infoshop News]

Earlier today, hundreds of our brothers and sisters in the struggle
sacrificed their lives in an attack against the Governor's House. We
demand a halt to the proposed Liquid Natural Gas port and pipeline. Our
sacrifice is only the first taste of the ecological carnage that will
follow if the proposed LNG project is continued. Since the human
"governor" of Maine has the final decision on whether this horrible
project can go through, we targeted his meagerly defended home.
Meanwhile his so-called “security” could do nothing but crawl into their
cars and watch.
Deep in his pampered quarters, the red-handed "governor" smelled the
foul stench of lobster death. This is only the beginning. Be warned: if
(as we DEMAND!) LNG in Maine, in the US, on Earth; isn't stopped dead
now, our struggle will escalate accordingly. No-one involved in the LNG
project will be safe from lobster vengeance.
No Compromise in Defense of our Ocean Death to Transnational Capitalism
All Power to the Crusty Crustraceans Long Live the Lobster Liberation
Front! Lobstaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!! 

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