AR-News: Volunteers needed to help alleviate crisis

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Volunteers needed to help alleviate crisis
Posted: Tuesday, Jun 29, 2004 - 06:03:04 pm EDT

Confirmation of reports that McDowell County is using an euthanasia procedure with carbon monoxide that is not preferred by the national Humane Society - and possibly has animals struggling in the throes of death - is shocking to many people in Four Seasons Country.

While we understand the problem the County Commission faces with lack of funds, we wonder why a new shelter is being constructed when proper euthanasia can't be afforded at the facility they already had. The last animal shelter was closed in McDowell County seven years ago and now the McDowell County Humane Society reports it plans to have a new shelter open in two or three weeks.

Now is the time for animal lovers in our area to offer assistance - financially and/or as volunteers - to help the McDowell organization.

Apparently the lone dog warden working in the county is so overwhelmed with calls from the county he is unable to also conduct a proper adoption program. By having limited time and having to make appointments, many dogs and cats that could have homes with families may be losing out on that possibility. A staff would be preferable but volunteers during certain hours in the day would be helpful.

Perhaps area veterinarians might also volunteer their services to the McDowell County facility until it can get on its feet financially. Now is the time for the community to work together to make improvements for the sake of the animals - especially those who are sick and need to be put down humanely.

There is also another possibility for help from the United States Humane Society, which stands ready to help any locality, including McDowell County.

The stipulation, according to the national humane society director, Kate Pullen, if the locality is willing to "make some changes and up the ante and to do a better job." He said if that's the case the national Humane Society organization stands ready to help.

There are many people in the area who are members of the United State Humane Society and subscribe to their fund raisers. They would be vocal about calling for services for McDowell County where they are sorely needed at this time.

Humane treatment of animals is demanded in this nation by law. We urge the McDowell County Commission and the McDowell County Humane Society to take steps now to obtain assistance from the national humane organization and correct the problems that now exist. 

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