AR-News: Cole Brothers Circus problems

Thu Jul 1 12:40:35 EDT 2004

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New Cole Brothers Circus visit has found the below  problems.
1.  High diving cat show - Cat jumps off small  wood platform near top of 
tent top into a small pillow trainer holds up.   Cat was in Tim Burton's film, 
"Big Fish.".  The USDA was notified about  this this year and last.  They state 
no violations exist as cat has option  to not jump (How it gets down no one 
said)  and that unless the cat misses  pillow they can do nothing, as they have 
no past reports that any cat did miss  landing on it.  
A [private veterinarian  that deals with  circus issues] also looked at the 
cat act and said he saw  nothing wrong.    
2.  Tiger cages - At least two tigers were  brought into ring that could 
hardly lift heads above their backbones, and were  pressing heads and bodies 
against cages to try and get into normal body  positions.  As the circus has been 
trying to hide animals kept in back from  public view, it could not be 
determined if they are in bigger cages, and smaller  ones are used just to take them 
into show ring or not.  If they are the  regular all time cages, they are in 
clear violation of USDA standards.
3.  Tiger ring-  It appears that the tigers are  within cage top distance to 
jump out if they wanted to when the are on their  stands. A tiger that can 
jump 20 feet almost straight  up.
The stands put them within that distance.  USDA does not want to get  
involved in that issue.
It may be just rumor, but watch out for possible name  change from New Cole 
Brothers Circus, to American Circus name in future.
Poughkeepsie, NY 7/2 - 7/4 -  Dutches County SPCA  845-452-SPCA (7722) 
Flushing Meadows, NY Corona Park  7/5 - 7/8   NYC  Park  ASPCA  212 876 - 
Brookllyn, NY  Marine Park  7/19 - 7/25  NYC  Park             ASPCA  212 876 
- 7700 
Staten Island, NY Midland Beach Park  7/19 - 7/25   NYC  Park   ASPCA  212 
Forest Park, NY Bandshell parking lot 7/26 - 8/1 NYC  Park   ASPCA  212 
NOTE - NY City Parks Dept 
_ ( 
Southhampton, NY 8/2 -  8/3                  Sufolk County SPCA 
Lake Grove Smith Haven Mall 8/4 - 8/8     Sufolk County  SPCA 
Greenport, NY 8/9 -  8/10                          Suffolk  County SPCA       
Middle Island, NY  8/11 -  8/13                  Sufolk County SPCA  

Note - Past experience has shown no co-operation from  the Suffolk County 
wanting to correct circus problems, and they have engaged in questionable  
activities in the past when dealing with animal exhibitors.
International Society for the Protection of  Exotic Animal Kind and 
Livestock, Inc.
998-C Old Country Road, #  142,   Plainview, NY 11803  516  935-4607
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