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Tuesday's Horse
June 29, 2004

The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act

The AHSPA is being strongly lobbied against by special interest groups, chiefly the meat industry.  They are doing this because they are alarmed at the huge show of support this bill has received.  They never anticipated this, and are now scrambling around the Capitol trying to do as much damage as they can.

They have a strong ally in Rep. Bob Goodlatte, Chairman of the Agriculture Committee, who is still firmly committed to bottling H.R.857 up in his committee, effectively "killing" it despite the fact the the bill have a majority of the House.

This has not gone unnoticed by high ranking legislators on the Hill who are now strongly championing this bill. With their help, H.R.857 is not dead yet, but we must continue doing our part by showing even more support at the grassroots level.

We are therefore requesting that you please take the following action quickly:


1.  To those of you who have already written to your U.S. Representatives who have not yet co-sponsored, please telephone their offices and remind them that you have written to them asking for their support, and now you are calling them to please co-sponsor this bill.

2.  To those of you whose U.S. Representatives who have already co-sponsored, please telephone their offices to thank them for their support, and urge them to stay committed.


Please call your Senators' offices asking them to please rally in support of this bill now, and co-sponsor S.2352 at their earliest opportunity.

New Subscribers

To those of you who have just joined us, we need you to contact your legislators in the House and the Senate.  A link to our Action Alert page is listed below where you will find all the information you need to take action.

Time Frame

This session will be shortened considerably because this is an election year and legislators will be breaking for the entire month of August, which they traditionally do.  That means we will have a few weeks in July and September and part of October.  But in saying that, many of the legislators will be in their districts toward the end of the session electioneering.

Hence we are requesting phone calls.  However, if you prefer to email your legislators, please go to their websites and utilize their online forms.  If you prefer to fax them a letter, then please do that.  "Snail mail" is not advised.

Information and Links

Please go to where you will find the steps requested outlined with links to bill status and contact information.

Composing Letters for Emails and Faxes

If opting to write instead of call, please take the time to put an original composition together to send to your legislators.  Speak from the heart.  Do not be concerned with only stating the facts of the issue -- tell them how you feel about horses, about their slaughter, and why you are so against it.  These letters are the ones that will get read and therefore make the most impact.

In memory of all the horses who have suffered a terrible fate, please stay committed by taking action at your earliest opportunity, and please spread the word by cross-posting this email message.

Thank you.
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