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June 28, 2004
With tiny marmoset monkeys screaming in the background, the owners of  the 
Out of Africa Wildlife Park explained Sunday that they have to transport  
hundreds of wild animals more than 100 miles after receiving an eviction  notice.    
It sounds like a 21st century Noah's ark.  
"We have four tigers, two antelopes, three deer, two ostrich and some prairie 
 dogs that are not wanting to assist us to go in their carriers," said 
Prayeri  Harrison, the owner of the park. 
The beasts she mentioned were, as of Sunday, just the animals that had yet to 
 make the voyage from their home of 16 years at the Fountain Hills-based 
wildlife  park.  
The park sits on the Ft. Mcdowell Yavapai Nation - at least until next  
Wednesday. The Nation's Tribal Council evicted Out of Africa in early May and  gave 
the park only until June 30th to vacate the premises, though the owners  
never once missed a rent payment or a tax payment. 
"We're not exactly sure why we were evicted," Harrison pondered. "It's their  
land. If they want to develop it, they have every right to ask us to leave." 
Each and every one of the 355 animals have had to be packed up and moved out  
to the park's new location in Camp Verde, Arizona, south of Sedona. Right 
now,  it's only temporary facility full of temporary enclosures built by  
Hundreds of concerned citizens have travelled to both sites to take apart  
animal-enclosures and rebuild them two hours north. 
The stringent eviction notice has forced Out of Africa into debt for the  
first time ever. 
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