AR-News: (FR/UK) Farmyard 'Big Brother' becomes small-screen slaughterhouse

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Sun Jun 27 00:46:48 EDT 2004

A French Big Brother-style show featuring television personalities
roughing it on a farm without electricity or running water is being sued
after a number of animals died or were injured on set.

La Ferme Celebrites - Celebrity Farm - was one of France's most popular
shows, attracting up to 8.5 million viewers. It featured a dozen minor
stars, including small-time actors, socialites, singers, a transsexual,
a former footballer and an ex-beauty queen, whose efforts trying to run
the farm were filmed over 10 weeks.

The contestants suffered nothing more than public ridicule, but their
co-stars - an unfortunate collection of chickens, sheep, goats, horses,
cows and geese - allegedly fared far worse.

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