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Sunday, June 27, 2004; Page A02  
<NITF>Noodling is not for the faint of   
<NITF>No, it doesn't involve  
It's a midwestern tradition wherein someone sticks his hand in a hole in  the 
muddy bottom of a lake or river in the hope that a big catfish will latch on  
and can be pulled out. No hooks, lines or other equipment are involved. ESPN  
Outdoors called it an "extreme sport" right up there with bullfighting and  
skiing Mount Everest.  
<NITF>Noodlers from around Oklahoma and Kansas converged on lakes and rivers  
in Tishomingo, Okla., last week for the second annual National Noodling  
Tournament and Festival. They caught about 30 fish, which were weighed and then   
<NITF>"They'll grow up noodling; they learn from their fathers," said  
Stephanie Ricketson, secretary at the Johnston County Chamber of Commerce, which  
sponsored the event. "You have to be tough to do it, because there are some big  
fish. I've seen guys with scars from the fish latching on to   
-- Kari Lydersen 
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I No Fishing Because fish have a brain, a central  nervous system, and pain 
receptors, they can feel pain just like cats, dogs, and  humans. Just because 
they can't scream doesn't mean that they are not in pain.  Also, other animals, 
like birds, often strangle or choke to death on lost hooks  and lines. - PETA
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