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Sun Jun 27 00:01:05 EDT 2004
By Willie Howard, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
Sunday, June 27,  2004
Throughout July, snorkelers and scuba divers worldwide will enjoy going  
beneath the waves to identify and count fish as part of the Great Annual Fish  
Count (GAFC). 
This is fun with a purpose. Information on the number and type of fish  
counted becomes part of a database used by scientists to monitor fish  populations 
and, hence, the health of the oceans. 
Say you enjoy diving but don't know a blenny from a basslet. No problem. Just 
 attend one of the free fish-identification workshops such as the one at 9 
a.m.  July 18 at the Force E dive shop in Boca Raton.  
An official GAFC fish-counting dive aboard the Diversity off Deerfield Beach  
is scheduled for 1 p.m. following the Boca fish-ID class. Divers are to 
provide  their own gear. The dive costs $35. For reservations and details, call the 
Ocean  Watch Foundation at (954) 467-1366 or e-mail rose at 
Another workshop is set for 9 a.m. July 17 at Biscayne National Park in  
Homestead, followed by a fish-counting dive/snorkeling trip that afternoon on  the 
park's gorgeous living coral reefs.  
Register for the class online at, then call the park's dive 
 concession at (305) 230-1100 (or e-mail dive970 at to reserve a spot 
on  the boat. The dive costs $35 for scuba divers, $25 for snorkelers. 
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