AR-News: (US-ca) Schwarzenegger Reverses Stand on Strays

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Fri Jun 25 22:55:28 EDT 2004

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, in the doghouse with
animal-welfare advocates for proposing that shelters be allowed to kill
stray animals more quickly to save money, said Friday that his budget
recommendation was a mistake.

As part of his budget proposal first drafted in December, the governor
had asked the Legislature to repeal a 1998 law that requires the
shelters to hold dogs and cats up to six days before destroying them.
The governor wanted to save local goverments that operate the shelters
$14 million by cutting the waiting period in half.

But after a nationwide storm of protest, the governor organized a press
conference outside his Capitol office and confessed to his error.

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