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Daily Record

Jun 18 2004

Shark-hit Shell swims 4000 miles
By Cara Page

A TOUGH turtle swam 4000 miles to Scotland despite having one of her flippers 
bitten off by a shark.
The lost loggerhead, nicknamed Shell, was left floundering in circles in the 
Caribbean Sea after the shark attack reduced her to three flippers.
Experts believe she managed to slip into the Gulf Stream but was swept into 
the chilly Atlantic, leaving her weak, exhausted and nearly dead.
She was washed up4000miles from home on a beach in North Uist in the Outer 
Hebrides where she was found by a couple of tourists out for a walk.

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"Not having known anything better does not alleviate the suffering of the 
animal. Its fundamental desires remain and it is the frustration of those desires 
that is a great part of its suffering. There are so many examples: the dairy 
cow who is never allowed to raise her young, the battery hen who can never 
walk or stretch her wings, the sow who can never build a nest or root for food in 
the forest litter, etc. Eventually we frustrate the animal's most fundamental 
desire of all - to live." --David Cowles-Hamar. 
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