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Free Puppymill Education CDs There are hundreds of thousands of dogs 
suffering in commercial kennels across this country. They are kept in small cages for 
their entire lives. They are bred every time they come into season from six 
months on - twice a year every year, year after year after year. They freeze in 
the winter with no heat and swelter in the summer. These dogs never know a 
loving touch. Never have a single toy. Never have a soft bed or a treat. 

Commercial kennels breed dogs to sell to pet stores. If every person in this 
country stopped buying dogs in pet stores, the commercial kennels would go out 
of business and the puppymills would end. Please tell everyone you know about 
the connection between pet stores and puppymills. 

Help Spread the Word

Hearts United for Animals has just created an educational CD about commercial 
kennels. On the CD you will find a twenty minute movie and information about 
how to help the dogs in the kennels. We hope that people will show the movie 
at presentations to educate the public about commercial kennels. Or you can set 
the movie up to play on a laptop computer and put it at an adoption fair or 
at a business - let it play over and over. It will attract a crowd. You could 
show it at a boy/girl scout meeting, a school class, a social club, rescue 
meetings, shelter functions or church groups. It's great for kids to learn about 
commercial kennels and educate their friends - a powerful show and tell. Or 
give one to someone who is not informed about pupymills. 

Host a Presentation 

The CDs require Quick Time to play so only play on computers not tvs. (This 
is not a high production value movie from Hollywood!) You can play it on any 
computer - we would recommend a large screen monitor. Or you can use a digital 
projector and project it on a screen. Quick Time is on the CD or you can 
download it for free from the website. For a limited time, we are 
giving these CDs away at no charge. You have to pay a packing and shippping charge 
of 3 dollars. They are limited to one per customer. To order go to our store 
- Click on Prisoners of Greed. You don't have to 
order anything else from the store. Of course if you see something you like, 
we would appreciate any order to help offset the cost of creating and donating 
these CDs. Discount coupons for dog lovers are below.

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