AR-News: (UK) Spaniel survives 90' cliff fall

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Mon Jun 14 08:54:10 EDT 2004

Spaniel survives 90ft cliff fall

The dog was spotted by a boat passenger in Durleston Bay

A dog escaped unharmed after falling 90ft down a cliff onto a small ledge. A passenger on a boat first raised the alarm on Saturday after spotting it trapped halfway down the sheer cliff at Durleston Bay, near Swanage, Dorset. Coastguards then lowered themselves down to the ledge, collected the animal and returned it to its owner. Portland Coastguard said they treated every trapped animal as importantly as if it were a person, as owners will sometimes attempt a dangerous rescue. "If we didn't save the animal, there's a fair chance we could end up having to save an animal and its owner," a spokesman told BBC News Online. 

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