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Sat Jun 12 23:46:40 EDT 2004

Lose weight, feel sensational and do absolutely no cooking? Bring it on,
says Joanna Bounds.

Forget the Atkins diet. Throw away your cabbage soup plan. There's a new
eating movement on the horizon. It's the raw food diet, and its
followers, like those of a cult religion, proclaim long life, boundless
energy and freedom from illness.

And, although not a weight-loss tool, following the raw food diet will
always mean a drop in kilograms - seeing as fruit and vegetables make up
most meals, along with seeds, nuts, pulses and some fermented foods such
as olives. Which may be another reason for its popularity.
Like all eating fads, the raw food diet has celebrity followers. American
fashion designer Donna Karan says eating raw food has boosted her health
and energy levels and helped her lose 10 kilograms.

And many Australians are following Karan's lead - there are now raw food
groups all over the country. Rene Beresford founded the Fruitarian Raw
Food Network in Queensland more than 12 years ago.
So does being a raw foodist mean no more meals out, and an end to all
those satisfying takeaways?

"It is not as difficult as you'd think. Often I just order a salad when I
eat out," says Beresford. "Personally I do not go to restaurants, but in
the case of a very special occasion, I can always order a vegetarian
meal, even though some cooking may have taken place. It's not an everyday
thing and so what if once in a while you have a minor indulgence."

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