AR-News: Hunters Want to Kill Doves in MI- Action Needed!

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Wed Jun 9 08:53:06 EDT 2004

After reading the article below, please contact MI
Governor Jennifer Granholm and tell her to keep her
pre-election promise and veto HB 5029, the bill to
legalize dove hunting.  She is threatening to stab the
animal advocates that supported her in the back. 
Don't let her get away with it.  Remind her that we
are not partisans, and will not be with her in the
next election just because she is a Democrat.  Many
Republicans are far better on animal issues than she
is and having a D next to her name will not give her
protection from the humane voters that will make an
example of her.

Gov. Jennifer Granholm
Phone: 517-335-7858
Fax: 517-335-6863

Posted on Tue, Jun. 08, 2004   

Michigan House sends Granholm bill to allow hunters to
shoot doves

Associated Press
LANSING, Mich. - The decision of whether to allow
hunters to shoot mourning doves in Michigan now is up
to Gov. Jennifer Granholm.
The state House voted 65-40 on Tuesday to approve a
bill that would change the dove's classification from
a song bird to a game bird.
The legislation would allow the Natural Resources
Commission to set the perimeters for a dove hunting
The seven-member commission could follow a proposal
offered by the Michigan United Conservation Clubs to
set three trial mourning dove seasons in several
counties near the state's southern border - an area
west of U.S. Route 23 and south of Interstate 94.
The MUCC suggested the trial seasons as a compromise
with Granholm, who had said she would only sign a bill
creating a dove hunt if it would go before voters on
the ballot.
NRC Chairman Keith Charters has indicated he would
support a trial hunt.
Granholm spokeswoman Liz Boyd said Tuesday the
governor is interested in the MUCC's proposal.
"She sees it as a reasonable alternative that she had
not considered," Boyd said. "But she has not made a
final decision."
Republican Rep. Sue Tabor of Eaton County's Delta
Township introduced the bill. She said she doesn't see
the need for trial dove hunt seasons, but would go
along with whatever the NRC decides.
"We're not going to wipe out the doves. There's still
going to be plenty of them at ... bird feeders," she
said after Tuesday's vote. "I think overall it's going
to be a very positive experience."
Tabor has tried before to win legislative approval to
reclassify doves as game birds, but came up short. The
House signed off on a similar bill in 2000, but the
Senate voted it down.
"It's never gone this far before," MUCC Executive
Director Sam Washington said. "We're only a signature
away. We're more than willing to work with the
governor to make it happen."
There are an estimated 450 million mourning doves in
North America, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife
The legislation approved Tuesday also would require
mourning dove hunters to obtain a $2 dove stamp fee as
well as the state's regular small game hunting license
to hunt doves.
Supporters of the bill have argued that an additional
hunting season would help keep more hunters in
Michigan and possibly entice more people to take up
the sport. But opponents have maintained that doves
are songbirds that should be protected.
Wayne Pacelle, CEO of the Humane Society of the United
States, said many of the organization's 263,000
members in Michigan are upset about a possible dove
hunt in their state. They are beginning to call and
write Granholm to let her know their position, he
"We will continue to organize Michigan votes so that
she recognizes that there is no political benefit to
siding with a small number of extreme hunting groups
that didn't support her two years ago," when she first
ran for governor, he said.
The shooting of mourning doves has been prohibited in
Michigan since 1905. The state would join 40 others if
the legislation takes effect, Tabor said.
The House didn't debate the bill before Tuesday's
Ten Democrats and 55 Republicans voted for the bill.
Seven Republicans and 33 Democrats voted against it.
Four representatives didn't vote: Republican Fulton
Sheen of Plainwell and Democrats Jack Minore of Flint,
Virgil Smith and Alma Stallworth, both of Detroit.
The dove hunt bill is House Bill 5029.
Michigan United Conservation Clubs:
Michigan Legislature:
Gov. Jennifer Granholm:

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