AR-News: Six Grade Student Needs Help to Save Ducklings (Long Island NY)

Sara Whalen petsaliv at
Mon Jun 7 18:43:11 EDT 2004

Here's a young boy - Tim Eisemann- struggling to save the life of 6 
ducklings raised by his idiot teacher from eggs to 'teach' the students 
'how ducks grow' (btw - not even providing them with water to bathe in 
or drink).  They are to be returned to the 'duck farm' tomorrow to be 
raised for slaughter.

Tim called us for help - we are too far to do anything tomorrow,  Can 
someone on LI find a safe place for them?  His phone number is (631) 
587-1961 and the idiot teacher's name is Mr. Punzoni whose number at 
school is (631)- 893-7980.  This poor child, whose parents obviously 
taught him compassion for sentient beings is frantic to save their 
lives.  Can someone show him that he is making a difference by helping 
him to do so?  Surely there is some sanctuary on LI that can take them. 
If you can help him please let me know or I will assume that he has been 
'lost' to the movement.

Sara Whalen
Executive Director
Pets Alive Inc.


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