AR-News: Urge Donald Trump and Regis Philbin to Keep Mink out of Birthday Celebration

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Urge Donald Trump and Regis Philbin to Keep Mink out of Birthday Celebration


Invitations to Donald Trump’s “Billionaire Birthday Bash” advertise that a mink coat will be given away as a prize at the exclusive event, hosted by Regis Philbin, to take place at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City on June 5. On hearing the news, PETA immediately fired off letters to both Trump and Philbin, letting them know that this is the age of faux, not cruelty, and urging them to remove the fur coat from the event. 

Every year, millions of animals are cruelly trapped and killed in the wild for fur. The traps clamp down on animals’ legs, often snapping bones. Some animals, particularly mothers who are desperate to return to their young, actually chew off trapped limbs in order to free themselves.

Fur farms are no better: After months of confinement to crowded, filthy cages, during which they are exposed to extreme weather conditions and plagued by unbearable boredom, animals are finally killed by violent methods such as suffocation, neck-breaking, or genital electrocution.

In the past, Donald Trump has been on animals’ side—he was given an award for ditching a “mule-diving” act, and he even attended PETA’s first-ever cruelty-free fashion show in New York—but it seems that an act of cruelty may be slipping through the cracks.

Please politely ask that Trump prove once again that big guys can have big hearts and make the compassionate choice not to include fur in an otherwise happy celebration: 

Donald Trump, President and CEO
Trump Organization
725 Fifth Ave.
New York, NY 10022
212-935-0141 (fax)

Regis Philbin
LIVE With Regis and Kelly
7 Lincoln Sq., 5th Fl.
New York, NY 10023
1-800-330-1106 (fax) 

For more information, please visit PETA’s Web site 


the wild, cruel beast is not behind the bars of the cage. he is in front of it - axel munthe

"Never doubt that a small group of dedicated citizens can change the world. 
Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."      Margaret Mead
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