AR-News: (US-ca) Man could get life for beheading dog

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Thu Jun 3 22:12:07 EDT 2004

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A man who beheaded his pet German shepherd was convicted Thursday of
animal cruelty, a charge that could send the third-striker to prison for

A sanity hearing will start Monday for James Andrew Abernathy, 42, of La
Habra, Calif., who claims he was insane in January 2002 when he killed
his pet dog, whom he had named Marie in honor of his girlfriend.

Deputy District Attorney Heather Brown said anger, not insanity, drove
him to beat his dog with a golf club, shove a stake through her heart and
then decapitate her with pruning shears.

He did those things, Brown said, "all because his girlfriend ... had
broken up with him."

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