AR-News: US - Three animal rights protesters arrested

Orville A Knudsen oak at
Tue May 25 07:50:22 EDT 2004

Three animal rights protesters arrested,1413,206~22097~2169736,00.html


MONROVIA -- Police made three misdemeanor arrests during the second visit
by animal rights protesters to the historic Upton Sinclair house,
authorities said Monday.

The protesters, who said they were from a group called Stop Huntingdon
Animal Cruelty, arrived at about 8 p.m. Sunday at the home of Mitchell
Lardner in the 400 block of North Myrtle Avenue, police said.

Lardner is an executive with Sumitomo Corporation of America, a company
the protesters believe finances Huntingdon Life Sciences, a which performs
tests on animals. Sumitomo officials have denied any connection with
companies that perform tests on animals.


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