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President Putin Says Russia Will Soon Ratify Kyoto
Crucial climate change treaty now highly likely to enter into force
May 21, 2004
  Thank Russia for Pledge, Ask President Putin for Swift Formal 
  Ratification -

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President Vladimir Putin has stated Russia intends to rapidly ratify the
Kyoto Treaty!  Once completed, the first binding international efforts to
reduce greenhouse gas emissions, that are known to cause global climate
change, will commence.  President Putin is quoted as saying "we are in
favour of the Kyoto process. We will rapidly move towards ratification of
this protocol."  The announcement coincides with the European Union's
decision to back Russia's membership in the World Trade Organization.

Russia's imminent ratification of Kyoto represents a major international
breakthrough in cooperative efforts to address global climate change. 
This is the first time the President has stated so firmly and
unequivocally that Russia will ratify Kyoto.  Assuming that ratification
does in fact occur - the Kyoto Treaty will now come into force.  And it is
highly likely recalcitrant, obstructionist governments such as the United
States and Australia will eventually ratify as well.  

Though the treaty makes only modest gains in the restraint of greenhouse
gas emissions, its importance lies in the establishment of a binding
framework to monitor and reduce carbon dioxide emissions in particular. 
Kyoto is an important first step in a long journey to address climate
change through reductions in carbon dioxide and other emissions, renewable
energy, energy conservation and ending deforestation.

Many, many people and organizations have worked for years in support of
the Kyoto Treaty. and you have done our own small part,
having sent hundreds of thousand of emails in support of the treaty.  
Over the past two years our network first successfully targeted Canada's
ratification, and has relentlessly sought Russian ratification -
apparently successfully.  Though the most appropriate time for celebrating
is as the signature dries on the ratification papers,
nonetheless is highly upbeat regarding the apparent imminent success of
our Russian Kyoto ratification campaign. 

Our long running and extensively used action alert urging Russian Kyoto
ratification has been updated.  Please take a moment to seal the deal -
congratulating Russia on its pledge and urging President Putin to
formalize ratification sooner rather than later.  This may prove
critically important as the American Oil Presidency and the Global Oil
Oligarchy will pull out all stops to intervene in order to stop this
momentous occasion.


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