AR-News: Horse dies following severe sexual assault

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Wed May 19 22:18:58 EDT 2004

Horse dies following severe sexual assault
19 May 2004 

AMSTERDAM — A horse was killed on Tuesday night in a small town near 
Rotterdam after it was seriously sexually assaulted, police have confirmed.

A police spokesman said the horse had been raped both anally and vaginally 
with an unknown object. The animal is also believed to have been stabbed several 

The horse — identified as five-year-old mare — was penned in a pasture in 
Lekkerkerk, near Rotterdam. Police are investigating the incident and are trying 
to track down witnesses.

In March, MPs reacted with shock as a man escaped prosecution for raping a 
pony in Utrecht because he had not broken the law.

Dutch Agriculture Minister Cees Veerman has since confirmed he will examine 
the possibility of making sex with animals a criminal offence. Currently it is 
only   a crime if the animal sustains serious injury. A majority of MPs are in 
favour of criminalising all forms of bestiality.

Meanwhile, investigations continue into a case in which three asylum seekers 
were kidnapped in Belgium and forced to have sex with both men and animals in 
a farm shed in the village of Kraggenburg, near Lelystad.

The women were beaten and photographed while performing the sexual acts. 
Police have detained at least six men and three women, but further arrests have 
not been ruled out.

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