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5/16/04--Sick Pups For Sale On Internet
1 letter

HUMANElines---Issue 296---May 13, 2004
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======================SAMPLE LETTER======================

De Kalb County District Attorney Michael O'Dell
300 Grand Avenue SW, Suite 505
Ft. Payne, AL 35967 
fax: 256-845-8553

Dear Mr. O'Dell,

I strongly encourage the De Kalb County District Attorney's office to 
thoroughly investigate and seek fraud and theft charges against Barbara Bach, a puppy 
dealer who allegedly sells sick animals to unwitting buyers over the internet.

The Humane Society of the United States and other animal advocacy 
organizations have received multiple complaints about Bach. She not only defrauds 
consumers, but also victimizes animals. The local SPCA is already investigating Bach 
for assorted animal cruelty complaints. 

Bach's "inventory" is undoubtedly the product of puppy mills, where animals 
live tethered outdoors or stuffed into small enclosure and forced to stand in 
their own waste. Prematurely weaned puppies spend their initial weeks of life 
without mothers or nurturing interaction with humans. Those who pull through 
are later plagued with hip dysplasia, dislocating kneecaps, seizures, eye 
lesions, liver and heart disease, or other afflictions associated with shoddy 
breeding methods.

Marketing sick dogs over the internet is unethical and cruel. In addition, 
Bach may be in violation of Alabama's Theft of Property Law at 13A-8-2 and 
Unlawful Trade Practices at 8-19-5. Please help to protect animals and the public 
who care about them.

Thank you, 
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