AR-News: (US MI) Pachyderm parade sparks PETA protest

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Tue May 11 17:22:14 EDT 2004

The Jackson Citizen Patriot

Tuesday, 11, 2004 
By Brian Wheeler
Staff Writer 
They won't be here until July, but the elephants already are causing a 
Plans for an elephant parade to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the 
Republican Party in Jackson are drawing complaints from animal-rights activists far 
and wide. 
Susan Milhoan, president of the Greater Jackson Chamber of Commerce, which 
plans to stage the parade as part of this summer's Founding Festival, said she 
is getting barraged with e-mails daily, thanks largely to the group People for 
the Ethical Treatment of Animals. 

Organizers of the parade say they aren't even sure they'll get any live 
"Little do they know we haven't gotten any confirmation on elephants," 
Milhoan told a committee organizing the weeklong festival Monday. "(But) we still 
have some opportunities for elephants." 

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