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By Wong Kim Hoh 
SHE makes very public her distaste for people who mistreat animals.

When it comes to her personal life though, Ms Deirdre Moss, the executive 
officer of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), is 
She took two days to decide whether she should do this e-mail interview, 
worried it would force her to reveal details about her personal life.
In the end, the opportunity to speak on behalf of animals won her over.
Born in Brisbane, the 51-year-old Singapore permanent resident claims to be 
an accidental animal rights activist.
A former secretary, she became a volunteer at the SPCA in 1983, when she was 
In a rare interview with The Straits Times four years ago, she said: 'The 
SPCA came along at a time when I needed something different in my life. I guess 
it was a late calling, at the age of 31.'
Twenty-one years later, she is still there, as executive officer.
'My whole life,' she claimed, 'is the SPCA.'
What keeps her going, she said, is the knowledge that she's doing something 
'The work may be depressing at times, caring for others who are not as 
fortunate as yourself, but I think if you're a contented person, you should share 
your life with others who are not so fortunate.'
Q : Do you think Singapore should, like New York, have its own pet police?
A : That depends on what your definition of pet police is: Is it pets 
themselves doing the watchdogging? 
But if you mean should there be police specifically assigned to protect pets, 
then a qualified 'yes'. Cruelty to animals should be fought on several 
fronts: deterrence and punishment, as well as education. As a matter of fact, in 
Britain, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals policed 
animal cruelty before there was a police force for humans.
MAY 9, 2004 SUN

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