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Sat May 8 10:30:09 EDT 2004

A fowl flap is simmering at an Oakland restaurant that has been skewered
by animal rights protesters for serving an expensive appetizer made from
fattened duck and goose livers.

Several weeks ago, members of Voices for Animal Liberation began
protesting outside Lucca on South Craig Street, which serves foie gras,
French for "fat liver."

The protesters' beef is that some producers of the $15-a-plate delicacy
force feed the ducks and geese to bulk up their livers. Joe Jordan,
Lucca's owner, said he has received letters and videos from the University
of Pittsburgh-based group and from People for the Ethical Treatment of
Animals protesting the menu item.

Jordan arrived at work yesterday to find a stone obelisk in front of the
restaurant toppled over. A statue of the Venus de Milo also has been
"chopped to bits," Jordan said. 

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