AR-News: (US FL) Pet Burial Service Faces Improper Disposal Allegations

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Sat May 8 10:09:38 EDT 2004
Dog, Cat Carcasses Found Barely Buried, Sticking Out Of Bags
POSTED: 3:54 am EDT May 8, 2004
UPDATED: 5:05 am EDT May 8, 2004
ZELLWOOD, Fla. -- The discovery of dog and cat carcasses barely buried or 
sticking out of plastic bags at one of Florida's largest pet cemeteries has 
prompted a statewide warning to veterinarians, according to a Local 6 News report. 
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Local 6 News showed images of "dog body bags" with legs sticking out and 
other animal skeletons too graphic to show located behind Jancy Pet Burial 
Services in Orange County, Fla. 
"It makes you sick to your stomach," Greenbriar Pet Resort spokesman Barry 
Grimm said. "What of these thousands and thousands of animals that are buried in 
that pit? What is it doing to our ground water supply?" 
Jancy Pet Burial Services prides itself as being a dignified final resting 
place for pets, according to the report. However, it now faces allegations of 
improper pet disposal.

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