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Thu May 6 14:28:32 EDT 2004


Academy of the New Church high school refuses to cancel pig roast for "end of 
the year celebration" despite continued pleas and letters from a growing 
number of community members and students.  This is a private christian academy 
that prides itself on giving the students an education based on kindness and 
charity.  The issue of animal suffering has been brought up many times in the past 
and ignored.  It's a very insulated community and I've been asked by some 
people who live there for outside help! (It just might be unsettling enough for 
the school to be contacted by strangers that they'll reconsider.)


(Since this is a Christian-based institution, it's appropriate to mention 
"god".)  A simple (POLITE) message will do - something like: 
It's very un-Christian to support the exploitation and abuse of God's 
innocent creatures.  You are supposed to be setting an example of kindness.  What you 
are teaching the students is to be indifferent to suffering.  Make the humane 
choice and cancel the pig roast!

send email to:
mygladis at, rsdaum at, tomk at, 
parogers at, pmbuss at, soodhner at, 
pwfeerra at 
Principal Margaret Gladish
ph: 215-938-2595

Principal Scott Daum
ph: 215-938-2618

Rt. Reverend Peter Buss
phone: 215-938-2620
fax: 215-938-2616

Reverend Prescott Rogers
ph: 215-938-2579
fax: 215-914-4999

Reverend Tom Kline
ph: 215-947-6225 x208
fax: 215-938-1871

Place:  Academy of the New Church (highschool)
Location: Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania
Date of planned pig roast:  May 16

A faculty member's response:  "This is something that the majority of our 
students are looking forward to and for those who find the pig distasteful, there 
will be other food for them to eat. These pigs are being raised to be eaten 
and I personally do not feel that we are sending an inappropriate message to 
our students by providing them with this experience."
The fact is, there was no student vote for this event. It has been requested 
that the students be shown "Meet Your Meat" and the "Pig Farm Investigation" 
and THEN they should take a vote. This request has been denied.
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