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Read the first chapter of Drs. Ray and Jean Greek's latest book, "What Will
We Do If We Don't Experiment On Animals?" on the National Anti-Vivisection
Society's (NAVS) website!

NAVS Science Advisor, Dr. Ray Greek, has generously granted access to the
first chapter of this breakthrough book and it's only available at NAVS.
Check it out!

Finally, the answer to a question that has often been asked, yet never
definitively answered
What Will We Do If We Don’t Experiment On Animals?
Goleta, CA - Apr 15, 2004 Drs. Ray and Jean Greek, authors of Sacred Cows
and Golden Geese, and Specious Science, breathe much-needed fresh air into
this controversial topic. No longer will anyone be able to claim there are
no alternatives to using animals in research to promote human health.

Even the staunchest defenders of animal experimentation admit that animals
are far from perfect surrogates for humans. And yet these defenders continue
to identify animals as the “gold standard” in modeling human response to
disease because, quite simply, there is no alternative. What Will We Do If
We Don’t Experiment On Animals? takes that myth and discredits it.

In a straightforward presentation aimed at providing the answer, Drs. Greek
explain how medical discoveries have evolved and how today researchers are
exploring fields of science that did not exist ten years ago. They reveal
that animal experiments have now, in fact, become an obstacle to medical
progress - often giving false leads, delaying the introduction of beneficial
treatments, and exposing patients to serious and unnecessary health risks.

They offer a fascinating, positive and informative glimpse into research
technology in the twenty-first century - research that no longer involves
animals - yet does benefit humans. From genomics to nanotechnology, this
litany of resources conclusively verifies that research is no longer
dependent on the animal model. The book What Will We Do If We Don’t
Experiment on Animals? is a “must read” for those who have always wanted to
know what we will do if we don’t experiment on animals.
NAVS is offering the book to members and supporters at the special price of
$15.00, which is 25% off the suggested retail price.

Dr. Ray Greek is the president of Americans For Medical Advancement, medical
director of Europeans For Medical Advancement ( and the
science advisor for the National Anti-Vivisection Society. He is the world’s
leading expert on the use of animals in medical research and its
consequences for human health, lectures and debates frequently both in the
US and abroad, and is available for interviews, lectures, or debates.

(What Will We Do If We Don’t Experiment on Animals? Medical Research for the
Twenty-first Century. Trafford April 2004 -
For more information, contact:
Clare Haggarty
Tel: 1-800-888-6287 ext 205
NAVS Website:

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