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The female tri-colored beagle had no name but she bore the tag number 37984. 
A pair of lacerations crossed her right hip, an inch long, the other an inch 
and a half. On her left hip was another laceration, along with a puncture 
wound. An area of painful swelling extended from her right hip to her rib cage. 
Another area of painful swelling on her right shoulder ruptured at the touch of 
an examiner and emitted a stream of yellow-green pus. 
Failure to provide proper veterinary care for dog number 37984 is one of more 
than 1,000 violations of the Animal Welfare Act allegedly committed by 
Chester C. (C.C.) Baird, his wife and two daughters through their Williford 
businesses, Martin Creek Kennels and Pat?s Pine Tree Farms. The Animal and Plant 
Health Inspection Service (APHIS) filed the 108-page complaint March 11 before the 
United States Department of Agriculture. 
Named as respondents in the complaint are C.C. Baird, his wife, Patsy Baird, 
and their two daughters, Jeanette Baird and Patricia Baird. 
APHIS cites examples of animal dehydration, malnutrition, infections, 
injuries and abrasions, swelling, inflamed skin, lameness, lethargy, mange, flea 
infestations and other conditions, and accuses the Bairds of failing to provide 
proper veterinary care for the animals? conditions. 
The Bairds, who hold a class B (random source animal dealer) license, have 
made hundreds of thousands of dollars selling dogs and cats to research 
facilities. But they face more than $1 million in fines for the alleged violations. 

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