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[from San Francisco Chronicle]

These days, mad cow disease is ever with us, so I was off to lunch to meet
John Stauber, who's been described by "Fast Food Nation'' author Eric
Schlosser as "[one] of America's bravest, finest journalists."

And, since Stauber earned this accolade in part by co-writing "Mad Cow U.
S.A.," a book that, seven years ago, warned we weren't doing nearly enough
to prevent mad cow disease in this country, I was meeting him at Greens. 
"Mad Cow U.S.A." went out of print, but Stauber and Rampton decided to
make it available as a free download. Then came Dec. 23, 2003, the day mad
cow disease was found in the United States, and over the course of the
next month or so, the book was downloaded 80,000 times.

And Stauber -- who sends out periodic mad cow e-mail updates, though he
and Rampton have also just released a new book, "Banana Republicans" --
believes much more has to be done. "You may not be a vegetarian, but the
animals you eat need to be," he said. "We're still not following that axiom." 

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