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[from Missouri Valley Times News]

Farm Aid has become a shrill voice for "specific" farming practices.

The mid-1980s was a dark time for rural America. Crop, livestock and land
prices plummeted, creating a financial strain for many farmers. Some
survived and remained in agriculture, some didn't. Neighbors watched
neighbors go broke. Some farmers contemplated suicide - and even worse,
committed it. No one was left untouched by the difficulties.
Today, Farm Aid plays on. But don't be fooled by nostalgia and former
number-one songs. Quietly and discreetly, Farm Aid has become a shrill
voice for "specific" farming practices. Participating musicians gladly
pose for the cameras wearing the familiar, red "Stop Factory Farms" shirts
while raising millions to fund objectionable activities and organizations.

For example, Farm Aid condemns "factory farming," an emotional phrase
activists love to use but never define. On the web, Farm Aid provides
links to numerous animal rights groups including Farm Sanctuary and the
Animal Welfare Institute. Farm Aid also uses the "Mad Cow" issue to push
organic food sales, despises genetically enhanced food and blames modern
food production for childhood obesity, food-borne illnesses and antibiotic

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