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Tue May 4 15:53:15 EDT 2004

From: Dan Firger <globalfinance at>

Dear Global Finance Friends,

Today was to be the launch of our "No Way BofA" Campaign, with nearly 
30 events scheduled for a first National Day of Action.  Activists in 
Charlotte, NC were to visit Bank of America's headquarters, while 
folks in Boston were getting ready for a "parade of shame" from the 
Boston Common to Fleet's (now a part of BofA) downtown HQ.  Others 
around the country were planning bank branch visits, street theater, 
call-ins to the CEO, and other creative events.

All this preparation paid off yesterday, with a fantastic finish to 
one of the shortest campaigns in recent history!

Bank of America, fearing the looming threat of today's National Day 
of Action, agreed yesterday to adopt sweeping new environmental 
policies that surpass even those set by Citigroup, their largest 

The policy will be released publicly within the next few days, so 
stay tuned for much more info and analysis of what it will mean for 
climate change, forest protection, and indigenous rights.

Bank of America's recent change of heart, and the impacts its new 
policies will have, are a testament to the power of our grassroots 
movement for democracy, accountability, and sanity in our global 
economic system.  This victory would not have been possible without 
the hard work, support, and vision of all the activists, organizers, 
and rabble-rousers who make up the RAN and Global Finance Campaign 

The tide is turning, and financial institutions like BofA are 
beginning to read the writing on the wall. But of course, Bank of 
America is just #2 on a long list of "Liquidators" who have yet to 
adopt environmental standards.  RAN will be naming a new target in 
our Global Finance Campaign soon, and if you have any input or advice 
for us on who should be next, we'd love to hear it.

Email dan at to get involved!

And of course, we'll keep you updated as soon as we have more to 
share about this fantastic victory!

For the Earth and for Justice,

Dan and Ilyse

The Global Finance Team at RAN

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