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Animal activists rescue SA monkey
Tuesday May 04, 2004 14:39 - (SA)

SINGAPORE - An African monkey who was kidnapped and kept illegally in chains
in Singapore for five years flew back to his home continent on a commercial
plane on Tuesday after being rescued by animal activists.

Animal Concerns Research and Education Society of Singapore (Acres)
president Louis Ng said a sailor had smuggled the vervet monkey, nicknamed
Blue, into the Southeast Asian nation from South Africa and sold him as a

Singapore authorities confiscated Blue last year after the daughter of his
owner alerted a US-based animal rights group, which  in turn informed Acres.

Ng said Acres worked with the Singaporean Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority
to rescue Blue, who was found chained, kept in a cage and with abrasions
around his neck.

"He really didn't like living with the chain around his neck all  the time.
It was a pretty sad condition," Ng said.

Ng said Blue's new home would be the Munda Wanga Sanctuary in Zambia where
he would live in a large enclosure with other vervet monkeys.

Blue's 16-hour journey back to Africa was to be on board two commercial
flights, the first on Singapore Airlines to Johannesburg  and the second to
Lusaka on South African Airways.

Ng said he would not receive any special treatment, travelling in a wooden
crate in the cargo holds.

Primates are not allowed to be kept as pets in Singapore, and it  is illegal
to import them without a license. Offenders caught owning an endangered
species face a maximum fine of 5,000 dollars (2,941 US).

The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority said Blue's owner, whom they did not
identify, was fined just 200 Singapore dollars.

Ng said Blue was the first pet primate to be repatriated from Singapore,
although Acres was working to help return up to six confiscated gibbons to
their homes in Thailand and Indonesia.

the wild, cruel beast is not behind the bars of the cage. he is in front of it - axel munthe

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Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."      Margaret Mead
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