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Demonstration Saturday 15th May
Meet 12 Noon, Balliol College, Broad St, Oxford.

The SPEAK Campaign is calling for the immediate release by Oxford University of two rhesus macaque monkeys. After fifteen years of confinement and experimentation these individuals have known no life outside the walls of a University lab.

The two rhesus macaque monkeys in question have had surgery to remove part of their brains ten years previously when they were five years old. The monkeys were last known to be involved in an experiment funded by the Medical Research Council and conducted at Oxford University and according to research data was exploring reaction to 'visual stimulus'. These two individuals have been given artificially produced brain damage by scientists trying to mimic human brain damage and then set a battery of tests to study their reaction times.

SPEAK campaigns will be holding a demonstration in Oxford on Saturday 15th May to call for the release of two rhesus macaque monkeys who have spent their entire lives inside the walls of vivisection labs. Oxford University is engaged in building a new centre of animal abuse in which even more animals will suffer and die on the alter of scientific fraud, academic arrogance and profit driven blindness.

The new animal torture lab in the early stages of construction on South Parks Rd in Oxford will have a covered bridgeway connecting it to the "notorious" dept of Experimental Psychology. On the upper floors of this building is Level F, the scene of some of the most horrific animal experiments ever carried out in this country. This modern day torture is protected by locked doors and state of the art security hidden from the eyes of the outside world. The two rhesus macaque monkeys imprisoned here should be released at once and be allowed to live out the rest of their lives in an enviroment that will allow them to experience the stimulation denied to them as victims of a flawed scientific practice.

We urge you to come to Oxford on Saturday 15th May and demand the release of the "OXFORD TWO" and SPEAK out against the building of a new animal abuse centre in Oxford. The animal rights movement has defeated Cambridge University and the Government over their plans to build Europe's largest primate lab, together we can halt this expansion of animal terror and strike a blow for animal liberation.

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