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The Case of the Missing Monkeys
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BELGRADE (Reuters) - Serbia is trying to account for around 600 monkeys
thought to be missing from a consignment imported from Africa, the daily
Balkan reported on Friday.

According to the Serbian Statistics Bureau, the monkeys were imported from
Tanzania two years ago and paid for by the kilo. The shipment weighed two
tons, which works out at about 1,000 monkeys weighing two kilos each, the
paper said.

The national vaccine producer Torlak Institute bought 400 for polio vaccine
testing, but the fate of the others is unclear.

Belgrade Zoo director Vuk Bojovic said he had not bought a single monkey in
20 years.

The Serbian Chamber of Commerce (news - web sites) said only Torlak would
buy monkeys for laboratory use, and while some people took them as pets, it
was unlikely 600 were sold to individuals.

The Chamber of Commerce said Customs had to have all data on live imports.
But Customs could not immediately supply figures.

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