AR-News: (US AZ) Is it all in the name of science or is animal abuse?

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Activists gathered Tuesday night near the University of Arkansas College of 
Medicine. They are upset about the use of animal research. 
Dr. Susan Wilson-Sanders is Director of University Animal Care. She says it's 
necessary to treat diseases like Epilepsy, Parkinsons and even Alzheimers, 
and that a human life is more important than an animals. "Well in my opinion and 
the opinion of the vast majority of Americans a human life would be more 
But protestors like Roberta Wright disagree. "The only reason somebody could 
be that ignorant is because they don't know much about the unique aspects of 
various animals whether they be birds, mice, rats, monkeys or what have 
you...they...none of them belong in laboratories."
This is the 15th year protestors have gathered at the University. 

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"True human goodness, in all its purity and freedom, can come to fore only 
when its recipient has no power. Mankind's true moral test, its fundamental test 
(which lies deeply buried from view), consists of its attitude towards those 
who are at its mercy: animals. And in this respect mankind has suffered a 
fundamental debacle, a debacle so fundamental that all others stem from it." 

Milo Kundera 
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