AR-News: (USA) PLEASE...consider signing this...

molly mgh at
Mon Apr 19 23:29:34 EDT 2004

Robin Conners has killed 4 Bulldogs by deliberately starving them to death.
Two French Bulldogs were in a tote, dead. She killed another Bulldog by
pouring bleach on her until she seizured and died. A 6th Bulldog was
retrieved from her property that was so weak it could not stand up. She had
been kept outside in below zero temperatures. We believe she only survived
due to snow being on the ground, giving her some hydration. She also starved
several Old English Sheepdogs. This abuse has been going on for a long time
with many different breeds. The County Attorney is dragging his feet since
the judge overseeing the hearing did not rule as favorably as hoped.
Many of these animals were obtained through different rescue facilities.
This woman has to be sick to do this. She should not own any animal. She has
accumulated more animals since the hearing. I am told 5 more dogs but she
has only admitted to one. We need to let the County Attorney know people are
watching this case so he will continue prosecution and bring this woman to
trial. We cannot allow her to continue to torture animals. Please read and
consider signing the petition. I was at this property and witnessed the
condition of these animals. It was heartbreaking.

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