AR-News: interview with Craig Manson

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Fri Apr 16 01:48:45 EDT 2004

An Interview With Bush's Point Person on Species and Parks
Daily Grist, April 15, 2004

Craig Manson is the man President Bush selected to protect America's 
critters.  As assistant interior secretary for fish, wildlife, and parks, 
Manson implements the Endangered Species Act and oversees the National Park 
System and the Fish and Wildlife Service.  He's not considered a friend by 
most enviros, and his interview with Grist is unlikely to change that.  
About the precipitous loss of species in the industrial era, he says it's "a 
logical fallacy to suggest that because two things happen concurrently that 
they are necessarily related."  There's more where that came from in Main 
Dish -- today on the Grist Magazine website.

today in Grist:  An interview with DOI's Craig Manson -- by Amanda Griscom

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