AR-News: RFI - organizations that subsidize veterinary expenses

Elizabeth Forel elizforel at
Wed Apr 14 21:02:42 EDT 2004

A friend of mine who is on a very low disability fixed income recently
had to take her rescued Chihuahua to the veterinary hospital for
emergency surgery (NYC).  She was hit with a huge bill that is bordering
on half her yearly income.  (Pancho is coming along but is not quiet out
of the woods.)

Does anyone know the organizations that can help her to pay some of these

Please answer privately.  Thank you.

PS - veterinary costs - particularly in an emergency situation - and
particularly in NYC - are out of control (although at least they were
available on Good Friday night)   It is not unusual to get a bill for
thousands upon thousands of dollars for one treatment.  It discourages
people (seniors, disabled and just regular folks) with meagre fixed 
incomes from having animals - people who would otherwise provide
excellent homes.  

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