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Mon Apr 12 10:39:48 EDT 2004

On Watchdog, Monday April 12, we look at various aspects of companion animal
cruelty: Overpopulation and abandonment, leading to millions of deaths per
year, and also neglect and violence. We explore the link between animal
cruelty and violence against humans. And we look at a practice that many
listeners might not even realize is cruel -- the declawing of cats.

Watchdog is produced by Janee Taylor and hosted by Karen Dawn. It airs
Mondays at 2pm on KPFK, the Pacifica station at 90.7 FM in Los Angeles and
San Diego, and 98.7 in Santa Barbara.
If you are not in range you can listen live on line at 2pm US Pacific Time,
5pm Eastern:

Our guests in the studio:

Comedian Elayne Boosler whose organization,Tails of Joy, supports rescue
groups and encourages prosecution of animal cruelty cases.

Deputy City Attorney Robert Ferber, who supervises the Animal Protection
Unit of the office of the City Attorney in Los Angeles and prosecutes animal
cruelty cases.

Dr Jennifer Conrad, DVM, who pushed, successfully, for the recent ban on
declawing in West Hollywood and is now working on AB 1857, which would be
the nation's first state law to prohibit declawing of wild and exotic cats.

And on the phone:
Eric Sakach, from HSUS, who will talk about the "First Strike Campaign"
which teaches law enforcement officials about the connection between animal
cruelty and human violence.

You can find out more about our guests, including links to their
organizations, on the Watchdog web page at:

We will take callers and would love your participation. The call-in number
is: (818) 985-5735. That's (818) 985 KPFK

Listen if you can, and please send comments to Watchdog at (I send a
huge thank you to those who already have.)
Watchdog is a 13 week series. Positive feedback will make it more likely
that Pacifica will eventually put an animal issues series on the air

Thanks to Ted Vegvari and PVNET ( ) you can now listen
on line to archived shows you wanted to hear but missed. You'll find the
shows on the Watchdog web pages:

We had some technical difficulty last week, and apologize to those who tried
to listen to archives but could not. We think those issues are now resolved.
The first six shows of the series are up there now, and today's show should
be available by tomorrow morning.

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