AR-News: (UK) Birds ‘turned into dustbins by our waste’

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Sat Apr 10 21:03:09 EDT 2004

Call for plastic bag tax after study finds 96% of dead fulmars have pieces in 
their stomachs
By Rob Edwards, Environment Editor


THE plastic we throw away gets everywhere. New evidence suggests that almost 
every dead seabird that is washed ashore in northern Europe has eaten some of 
Scientists have found scraps of plastic in the stomachs of 96% of gull-like 
fulmars found on beaches in the Netherlands. In some instances, they say, the 
plastic probably killed the birds. 
The discovery has been branded “truly shocking” by environmental groups, who 
are backing a bid by an MSP to introduce a levy on plastic bags in shops. It 
is also being used to support an international campaign to reduce the 20,000 
tonnes of litter dumped in the North Sea every year.

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