AR-News: (CA-ab)We should ignore PETA's dehumanizing hate campaign

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Sat Apr 10 11:37:04 EDT 2004

[from Edmonton Journal]

PETA has never been known for its subtlety. The radical American animal
rights group, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has a soft spot
for pigs and lambs and fuzzy bunnies. It's a little less zealous about the
ethical treatment of people.
But this week, PETA sunk to a new low. Here in Edmonton, it unveiled a
disturbing billboard campaign that links the slaughter of pigs to the
murders of Vancouver prostitutes. The ad features a pretty, sad-eyed blond
and a smiling pig.

"Neither of us is meat" reads the slogan -- a reference to the
announcement last month by British Columbia's medical officer of health
that Robert Pickton, the pig farmer who's been charged with the murder of
15 women, may have ground up some of their bodies to mix with his homemade
sausage meat.
PETA's zealotry, though, just undermines the credibility and work of
responsible animal-rights activists and factory-farm opponents. It derails
the very debate we need to have over the ethics of what we eat and how it
gets to our plates. We all, man and beast, deserve better than this.

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