AR-News: (US IL) Dogs taught who's boss

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Thu Apr 8 11:09:53 EDT 2004

A couple of dozen Barrington canines are on their way to better behavior, 
thanks to obedience classes they are taking with their owners at the Barrington 
Park District. 
The furry, four-footers meet weekly for their one-hour class, during which 
they are introduced to and practice new commands. Puppies are instructed in the 
basics -- sit, stay, down and walking with a leash -- while classes for older 
or more advanced dogs help them build on their skills. 
Some owners bring their dogs to class to learn the basics while others are 
show dogs and therapy dogs whose owners want to reinforce what they've already 
been taught. Others want their pet to spend time with other dogs to address 
aggression or intimidation issues. 

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