AR-News: (US IA) Animals rescued from pet store owner's home

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Wed Apr 7 19:27:47 EDT 2004

By EMILY CHRISTENSEN, Courier Staff Writer
WATERLOO --- Animal control officers were called to the home of a local pet 
store owner Tuesday.

Debbie Tabor, director of the Cedar Bend Humane Society, said the officers 
were sent to the home at 2215 Sager Ave. A concerned resident had called because 
there seemed to be too many animals in the home and a possible neglect 
situation. Officers found 21 cats confined to cages in the basement of the home, 
owned by Trish Luensmann. Luensmann is co-owner of Gram's Shooting Star Pets on 
University Avenue.

The officers also rescued two dogs and 12 chinchillas, which are small, 
rodent-like animals with a body like a rabbit and a tail similar to a squirrel's.

A local veterinarian examined all the animals. Tabor said most of the cats 
--- all purebred Persians, exotic shorthairs and Bengal --- had mild to severe 
upper respiratory infections, fecal impactions and were severely matted.

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