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Wed Apr 7 08:58:45 EDT 2004

LYNNWOOD — Every spring at Arnold's Hay and Grain, they wonder how many
baby chicks to order.

With apartment buildings springing up and the semirural land just outside
the city's northern and eastern borders being carved into subdivisions,
the operators of the feedstore at 15827 35th Ave. W. say they keep
expecting fewer people to raise chickens.

But their first batch of 100 chicks nearly sold out within two weeks. A
second order is due in tomorrow.

"You'll get some people at Easter time who say, 'Aren't they cute,' but an
amazing number want to raise chickens," said manager Carol Gallagher, who
has worked at the feedstore for eight years. 
Animal-rights advocates cautioned that chicks shouldn't be bought just
because they're cute and fluffy.

"We see the same with bunnies around Easter time. People get the idea that
they're low-

maintenance, sweet animals. But they're more work than people are led to
believe," said Tamar Puckett of the Progressive Animal Welfare Society
near Lynnwood. 

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