AR-News: (CA)PETA anti-meat campaign 'grotesque, exploitative'

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Wed Apr 7 08:52:48 EDT 2004

[minature of ad viewable at web address below]

A new anti-meat campaign that exploits the horrific killing of women in
British Columbia is a disgusting travesty that demeans the victims and
exploits women, critics say.

The outdoor ad, sponsored by the militant animal-rights group PETA, shows
a stock head shot of a pretty young woman on one side and a "smiling" pig
on the other, along with the slogan Neither Of Us Is Meat.

That's a reference to the case of Robert Pickton, the Port Coquitlam,
B.C., pig farmer who is charged in the deaths of 15 women. Pickton is
expected to go to trial late this year or early in 2005.

British Columbia's medical officer of health recently said meat products
from Pickton's farm that were given to friends and associates may have
contained human remains.

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